Sunday, October 12, 2008

Flashback to the 70's

I guess I'm staying with the 'back in the day" theme.

While in the states I visited a dear potter friend, Bacia Edelman, now in her 80's and still potting.

She lived in London during part of the 70's. While there she visited many of the potters of the day and based on her photos and interviews had a series of 3 articles published in the American ceramics magazine, Ceramics Monthly.

These are a few of the her photos that I scanned while I was there.

Many of them have departed and are missed. I thought people might enjoy seeing these.

They are (not in order) Eileen Lewenstein, Ray Finch, Mick Casson, Michael Cardew, David Leach fluting a bowl, Robert Fournier, Sheila Fournier, David Leach and his Kiln,

Monday, October 6, 2008

Leach St Ives Pottery

This is a visit to the Leach Pottery back in the 50's. It's terrific to see 'the great man' in action as well as David and all the other leach potters.

If anyone knows who all the potters are, please let me know. I figure that "Bill" is Bill Marshall but I'm not sure and haven't a clue about the others.


I got the video from a friend of mine, he doesn't remember where he got it and I have been unsucessful in finding who took it.

I've been very lapse in working on the blog; been traveling and basically just too busy but I'll try to do better. I have some wonderful pots I've been looking at lately that I'd love to put up. So expect posts a bit more often.