Monday, October 6, 2008

Leach St Ives Pottery

This is a visit to the Leach Pottery back in the 50's. It's terrific to see 'the great man' in action as well as David and all the other leach potters.

If anyone knows who all the potters are, please let me know. I figure that "Bill" is Bill Marshall but I'm not sure and haven't a clue about the others.


I got the video from a friend of mine, he doesn't remember where he got it and I have been unsucessful in finding who took it.

I've been very lapse in working on the blog; been traveling and basically just too busy but I'll try to do better. I have some wonderful pots I've been looking at lately that I'd love to put up. So expect posts a bit more often.


brandon phillips said...

warren mackenzie and his first wife made a silent film about the leach pottery while they were apprentices there. this might be that film. horatio is horatio dunn, clay and glaze mixer and general laborer(not a potter) kenneth is kenneth quick. i'm not too sure about the others. thats a neat film!

Russel Fouts said...

Warren was one of the people I checked with and he said it wasn't his but he'd really like to see it.

Thanks for the info the workers. It's great to be able to put a face to the known work.


mahanpots said...

Great film. Thanks for sharing that.


danp said...

Great film.

Any chance of putting it on Youtube for a wider audience? Many people would love to see it.



Russel Fouts said...

It's too big for YouTube. I'd have to break it up.

You could spread the word to your friends.


ang said...

thanks russel , amazing, I'll be linking from my page..

Alex Matisse said...

That was really great to watch. Thanks for putting it out there. I'm going to suggest that we start coming to work in suit coats and ties. If you look good you feel good. Or something like that.

jev said...

Many thanks Russel - wonderful to see this piece of history


leachpottery said...

We've got the entire film available on DVD now thanks to Marty Gross Film productions - complete with a voice over by Warren Mackenzie and some unseen additional footage. You can get a copy from us at the Leach Pottery in St Ives or direct from Marty if you are in the US


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